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Spotify Charts: The Future of Cloud Music:

There are only a few people alive who really wouldn’t like to listen to music. For all those music lovers, here is Spotify, a music streaming service that has completely changed the music industry forever. It is a fact not so happily accepted nowadays, that people do not buy physical music CDs. The tremendous growth of the rapidly growing internet has led to this drastic change. Services similar to Spotify have benefited greatly from this shift, offering users to play their favorite music directly from the cloud, rather than the conventional way of having to download it first. Spotify as such has become immensely popular and has far surpassed everyone’s preconceived notions about digital music. Spotify is basically a Swedish commercial music, podcast and video streaming service that dates back to 2008. It operates in the fast-growing premium business model with 2 tiers of music streaming: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. Obviously, Spotify premium offers more enhanced services like ad-free music, better audio quality, fast streaming, and also music downloading for offline moods. Due to its immensely unique and innovative way of providing music to users, it currently boasts around 75 million active users, not forgetting the 20 million payments as well!

Spotify really runs on all types and brands of smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Although capabilities may vary from platform to platform, the basic heart of Spotify has always been music. He is currently also venturing into videos. It also provides users with many customizable features, such as creating their own playlists, choosing from different albums, artists, and songs, etc. It satisfies the musical taste of almost everyone.

Spotify has given many of its contemporaries a run for their money and has become hugely popular with the online crowd.

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